Better Life Therapies is part of the Chrysalis Center for Change. Registered Charity 1188750

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Looking for a better way of life?

We are a team of highly experienced and qualified females, who are here to listen, and empower you, to make your future a better one.

Mental health and domestic abuse support for females

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Better Life Therapies is a service offered by the Chrysalis Centre for Change. Registered Charity 1188750

45 Years Combined

Professional, private counselling service with experienced therapists working for Registered Charity, Chrysalis Centre for Change.

Fully Accredited

Registered Members of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Better Life Therapies a professional and private counselling service.

A professional and private counselling

Talking to a professional counsellor can help to resolve issues that you may be struggling with, or have struggled with for many years. It can also help with any upcoming or future occasions whereby you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed and may need some support.

Speaking with someone who is not emotionally or personally involved in your life can be very liberating for some individuals.We all want a better life. We all have different ideas about what that means. Our experienced therapists can help you work out what a better life means to you and give you the space and conditions in which to work towards making that your reality.

It's time to invest in you

As well as being able to have more control over the days and times you access your own therapy, paying for counselling is a strong statement to yourself that you are important, that you care about yourself and that you are worth investing in.

The money we receive pays the counsellor for their time and covers their other costs such as insurance and professional supervision, and the rest of the payment goes directly into supporting the charity, so by helping yourself you are also helping the charity and therefore hundreds of other women.

Better Life Therapies, It's time to invest in you

What some of our fantastic clients say about us


My counsellor was wonderful! She was patient, listened, understood me and never made any judgement.


“Comfortable speaking”

My counsellor has been amazing. Really felt at home talking to her. She had a great understanding of my feelings.


“I highly recommend”

They provided a warm, comfortable space, with a counsellor who has enabled me to face up to and work through my grief.